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Get TEFL Certified and Amp Up Your Resume!

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Get TEFL Certified!

Searching for English teaching jobs abroad can be very competitive and applicants need every advantage they can muster. How do you increase your chances of your resume getting considered for a teaching opportunity? Getting TEFL certified with TEFL UK can help you get noticed by making your resume stand out among the rest.

Most career professionals advise that impressionable resumes usually have a few things in common:

  • A skill-based resume highlighting relevant experience, education and qualifications in the field for which the person is applying.
  • Contains a professional profile summarizing experience and expertise in a professional field that illustrates the person’s value to the organization.
  • Organizes accomplishments to reflect that the resume corresponds with the job description, implementing the use of keywords from the job description within the resume for easy scanning by recruiters.
  • Keeping a resume concise and limited to one page.

Talent recruiters that are searching for future English teachers are familiar with “TEFL Certified” and often use this as a keyword in a job description listing. Including this accomplishment within a resume is key to outshine rivals who are competing for the same English teaching jobs abroad.

Prospective employers know that TEFL certification provides valuable skills. By hiring a TEFL certified teacher, employers are confident they are adding to their team someone who is classroom ready. A TEFL certified teacher is ready to enter the classroom, take command, utilize curriculum and guide students to fluency in the English language.

TEFL UK offers online certification that will qualify teachers for opportunities anywhere in the world. Instructors provide professional training in courses that are engaging. Instruction goes beyond the mechanics of learning syntax and grammar. Students have the opportunity to see a TEFL certified English teacher implement a lesson plan and instruct a class. Multiple teaching methods will be explained as well as the unique situations in which those methods have advantages. Students complete the course with confidence, ready to dive right in to an English teaching job abroad, fully equipped with the skills, tools and lesson plans to succeed.