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NES Teachers many location in Thailand

Posted 03 Oct 2019

Posted by: GEL Education Center

Country: Thailand

Duration: Full-time



Job Description
Native Teacher
Salary Range: 30,000 ++

Personal Skills
• Be enthusiastic and passionate about education.
• Show a flexible and adaptable attitude to the varied demands of working in a school environment.
• Work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
• Demonstrate excellent organizational skills.
• Be reliable and respectful at all times.
• Present a professional image in line with the high expectations of school.
• Be a talented communicator, orally and in writing with a high level of fluency in the English language.
Teaching and Learning
• Guide and encourage children with tasks they have been set by school.
• Work with groups of children.
• Assist with maintaining and developing the academic and behavioral standards set by the school.
• Support the positive learning and behavioral ethos of the school.
• Be aware of and involved in the curriculum planning process and to attend necessary planning meetings.
• Assist and work alongside the children.
• Prepare materials and resources for children's use.
• Help maintain teaching equipment in good condition.
• Show an active interest in each child’s personal and domestic circumstances, and to foster the personal and social developments of each pupil in your care.
• Actively promote the social, moral and cultural ethos of the College community
• Care for the social needs of the children as appropriate to their age.
• Care for the safety and well being of children during lunch and play times.
• Help maintain high standards of safety and care.
• Escort children to the nurse base if they are injured or ill.
• Supervise children when playing in designated areas.
Professional Responsibilities
• Be aware of and act upon all policies regarding the safeguarding of children.
• Create an atmosphere of support.
• Be familiar with all school policies on Health and Safety and be proactive in ensuring the safety of all members of the children at all times.
• Promote exemplary behavior and a responsible attitude amongst all pupils at all times.
• Ensure that all communication is acted upon appropriately and in a timely manner.
• Be responsible for all school resources, particularly those in your care.
• Foster a close partnership with parents.
• Carry out any reasonable professional request made by the Headmaster.
If you would like to pursue a teaching career, our school can help you get started. You will find our school a good training arena for your future teaching career or for your further education.

Work Schedule

Teachers will teach 5 days a week with weekends off. Working day is from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

• Bachelor Degree
• Experience of working as a teacher or relevant experience preferred
• Excellent spoken and written English
This will be reviewed annually.
Additional Assistance
• Work Permit and Visa Assistance.
• Accommodation and Transportation Facilities.
• Supervision with full support in Guiding and Assistance.
• Bridge of Communication with your designated School.
• Your current CV, including the names, email addresses and telephone numbers.
• Please note that only the shortlisted candidates shall be called for an interview.
• Kindly note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


• Bachelor Degree
• Experience of working as a teacher or relevant experience preferred
• Excellent spoken and written English

How to apply

E-Mail: [email protected]