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We are delighted to announce a partnership with Universidad Mayor

Students study a TEFL course in Chile

International Education Partnership with Universidad Mayor

TEFL UK are delighted to introduce a new education partnership with Universidad Mayor, a private university in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

The partnership provides trainee teachers from U Mayor with the opportunity develop their knowledge and skills in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The wider aim of the partnership is to support career development and progression into international employment for program alumni.

Lisa Davies, Head of Placements and International Partnerships at TEFL UK, said of this collaboration 'teachers are increasingly required to update and build on their knowledge and abilities, as well as participate in various forms of professional development, in order to understand the requirements of their students and the communities in which they live. This emphasises the importance of stronger collaborations between teachers, teacher education providers, local communities and international organizations. We are honored to support U Mayor students on their journey from training through to employment.'

Lorena Soto Vicencio, Director of Careers at Universidad Mayor mentioned 'Our program is subject to disciplinary and pedagogical standards in order to obtain accreditation. Thus, the training process of our teacher candidates includes disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge, teaching and learning methodology of the English language and several practical experiences in elementary and secondary education. It is fundamental to provide our teacher candidates and alumni with the international experience (face-to-face or online) for the development of digital and intercultural competencies that are emphasized by the new disciplinary standards.

A differentiating aspect that we seek to develop in our teacher candidates and alumni is internationalization and the opportunity to form professional networks with teachers from other countries.

We look forward to TEFL UK providing Universidad Mayor teacher candidates and alumni with training and international employment opportunities for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).'

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