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The TEFL 150 hour Masters Course is an extremely rewarding experience.  As I completed lessons on how to properly run a TEFL classroom and what games/desk organization works best for different lessons, I was reminded of how my high school Spanish teacher ran her classroom, and how successful they were from the student's perspective. The supplemental videos make it easy to grasp real world interactions with students and the activities within each lesson helped to keep me engaged and interested as I studied.  I am extremely excited to take what I have learned and to implement it into my own classroom in Colombia!

Meghan, Clarksville

I did the 120 hour Advanced TEFL course with TEFL UK and it was great! It was very easy to follow and understand and the more complicated subjects are broken down and explained well. Despite studying languages at university and even doing a TEFL module for my degree, I have learned a lot through doing the course. I now plan to go to Japan to teach English and this course has helped me gain the necessary confidence and qualification to do so! Thank you so much :)

Grace, Cambridge

I was very pleased with the content of the course and the signposting to internet content and associated text books that l need to progress. The videos were useful and it was a great introduction to the TEFL environment. Thanks for your support.

Paul, Maidenhead

Applying for and completing the TEFL course has provided me with valuable knowledge which has really benefited my teaching English abroad. The terms and concepts they deliver provided me with a better understanding of how to arrange and deliver my classes. A well structured and written course that I would definitely recommend to future TEFL teachers. 

Katie, Dunstable

Thanks for a wonderful course!

Mihael-Alexandru, Bucharest

The 150 hour TEFL (masters) is an excellent course providing all the necessary information required to be a successful TEFL teacher. For myself personally, it has provided me with the qualification to relocate from the UK to the Czech Republic and take up employment with one of the companies I have had offers from subject to attaining this qualification. I would highly recommend this course for its in depth instruction and support for anyone who is considering working within this worthwhile environment.

Mark, Hamilton

I've been teaching in China now for 6 months and the online course really helped me to think about how to plan effectively. When I started the course I had no idea that there was so much to learn.  The online course was extremely rewarding and gave me lots of practical ideas of how to make my lessons interesting.

Dan, Cardiff

If you are interested in teaching then I would definitely recommend gaining a TEFL qualification.

It's a world recognised qualification that employers have looked for when applying for jobs. This certification has enabled me to teach in a variety of different countries, experiencing and learning about people and cultures and their unique lifestyles. It has opened wonderful opportunities globally and given endless around the world experiences, which I must add, create the person you grow to become. Take a chance, make a difference to yourself and work with some amazing people who you never thought you would meet, your sure to experience great things. 

Jaynie, Dunstable

I studied on the 150 hour interactive course. Throughout my training, my trainer Steve supported me throughout. Sometimes it really helps to be able to talk about some of the methodologies and tricky grammar points.

Keith, London

Yasmin was a very inspiring trainer. Every part of the course was interesting and interactive. I'm just about to fly out to China to teach English to large classes of five year olds so will be putting everything I learned on the course to the test!

Michelle, Oxford

Well, the training certainly worked as I'm currently teaching English in Vietnam! Our trainer on the two day face to face course was fantastic. Tash really helped me to view teaching from a student's perspective.  The course was quite intense but was delivered through different activities that were fun and engaging. All the other people on the course were great to study with and what I learned on the course will stay with me forever.  I'm learning more and more now that I’m teaching and feel that what I gained from the course has given me strong foundations of how to be a good TEFL teacher.

Ahmed, Glasgow

I would like to thank TEFLUK for creating such a great course, I would recommend the Master Course to anyone looking to teach children as well as business English. 

I look forward to teaching in China! 

Mark, Jinan, China

The Advanced 120 Hour TEFL Certification was extremely easy to follow and provided engaging course material. I feel much more prepared to teach English abroad through their informative lessons. The course gives you an excellent overview of key things to know when teaching English to non-native speakers. Thanks for the help TEFL UK! 

Kristin, Texas

TEFL UK was exactly what I needed and wanted. The course was easily accessible from my remote location and suitable for busy professional life. The 120-hour course offers the basic theory and knowledge of what a TEFL teacher needs with the convenience of doing it on your own time and pace. In addition, the customer service is prompt and helpful. For first time teachers, I'd gladly recommend starting with TEFL UK. 

Aaron, Tunbridge Wells

Dear TEFL UK Team,

Thanks for your congratulatory message and I have downloaded my Certificate.

I searched many websites to find an ESL teaching course and yours got my attention.  This course was well designed, easy to understand and targeted all the rights areas. 

Thanks for the opportunity and I have since shared your website with others who are interested in teaching.

Joffiena, Antigua

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