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cover supervisor jobs uk

Cover Supervisor Jobs UK

Cover Supervisors are required for Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield locations.

Cover Supervisor Jobs

Do you have previous teaching experience and / or a thorough understanding of any secondary school subjects? Are you interested in advancing your educational career? Would you prefer to have more flexibility in terms of when you work and where you work?

TEFL UK is now hiring for schools in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield that require Cover Supervisors to serve on ad hoc basis during the school year.


Gain school based experienced with a high level of staff wellbeing and flexible hours

  • Great daily pay

    £70 - £90 per day
  • Plenty of employment options

    Both long and short term roles available
  • Work / life balance

    Full time, Part time flexible work
  • Ongoing career progression

    Development opportunities
  • Gain experience

    Build your CV and kickstart your career
  • Full training and support

    Enjoy a wide range of CPD courses

About the Cover Supervisor role:

  • Supervise class in the absence of the regular teacher
  • Assist students with questions, support students to complete assigned activities
  • Manage behaviour in accordance with the school rules
  • Feedback to the class teacher and leave handover notes

You won't be required to design classes or actively 'teach' the information left by the absent teacher, and you won't need any official qualifications or experience beyond your degree; you can also rest in the knowledge that you will receive thorough training.

This is the perfect way to get a taste for working in education prior to starting a PGCE.

cover supervisor jobs uk

Requirements for Cover Supervisor / Cover Teacher job

  • Bachelor's degree holder
  • Experience working with young people in a teaching setting preferred
  • Located in Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield (or commutable)


A career as a Cover Supervisor is a fantastic choice if you want to work in a classroom, educating young people and learning from others in the teaching industry. This is a highly flexible role that allows you to teach in a variety of education settings and experience something new every day.

There are no formal requirements for becoming a cover supervisor; nevertheless, many successful candidates have at least some teaching or child-care experience, and some cover supervisors are fully qualified teachers.

Cover supervision is required when a teacher is absent from the classroom for a short period of time and the absence is not anticipated. There will be no active teaching in these classes; instead, students will complete a pre-planned exercise under supervision.

When regular teaching personnel are absent for a short period of time, cover supervisors are appropriately trained school staff who monitor students as they perform their pre-planned exercises. The primary responsibility of the cover supervisor is to supervise a classroom and ensure that pupils do the tasks assigned to them.

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